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Magnetic Cylinders

Permanent high adhesion force and precise true running accuracy
For label printing, web printing and sheet-fed offset printing, the use of flexible dies on Magnetic Cylinders is an economic alternative to the standard die-cutter. Presstec Magnetic Cylinders offer high adhesion force and maximum precision.

Using high tensile stainless steel with fully hardened bearers, the Magnetic Cylinders are made with high alloyed tool steel. Hard ferrite permanent magnets, hardened bearing seats as well as bearing necks with fully hardened centering sleeves are also standard. The true running accuracy is ± 3m2, reduction - ball race to magnetic area ± 2m2.

The Magnetic Cylinders are manufactured in-house on CNC machines. All Presstec products are tested using our certified ISO 9001 quality management system, demonstrating our commitment to reliability and precision.