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EDP (Sprocket Punch) Cutting Dies

Slitting, Perforating, Trimming and Formatting
Sprocket Cutting Dies provide the optimum solution for continuous printing or setting of perforations and edge trimming. The moveable tools, which can adapt to any width, cut the carrier material from the back and pick up the cut out again directly. The scrap webs are coiled up and can be disposed of problem-free. Presstec-Sprocket Cutting Dies are ideal to cut EDP transport holes in continuous printing applications. High grade materials are used to manufacture Presstec Sprocket Cutting Dies with the CNC-milling system.

The knife-shaft and the rings of the ball bearings are made from hardened steel. The Punch rings are extremely resistant against wear and tear and can be adjusted axially, offering maximum accuracy of the perforation and slitting along the longitudinal axis. The amount of cutting rings are variable and can be adjusted to your individual requirements. The amount of possible types of perforation is nearly unlimited.

Hardness from 58 to 60 HRC is possible.

Presstec EDP (sprocket) Cutting Dies are suitable for all pressure sensitive papers, self-adhesive foils, composite and monomaterials, cardboard packaging and metalized materials. The range is extensive including coated papers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, recycled paper, thermal paper, Tyvek and metalized material.

The Cylinders are manufactured in-house on CNC machines. The hole cutting rings are milled and maintain a tolerance of up to <6 mill in the final precision grinding process. As a norm, hole cuttings are set at a distance of 1/2 inch. Custom hole cutting is available by request. All Presstec products are tested using our certified ISO 9001 quality management system, demonstrating our commitment to reliability and precision.