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CONVERFLEX 2013 in the year of OMET 50th Anniversary

07 June 2013

OMET will be at Converflex 2013 in Milan, the show dedicated to converting, package printing, labelling and the tissue industry.

While a trip to the booth at the fair will undoubtedly allow you to experience the rich history of OMET, as well as the advanced technological progress of the OMET brand, at the company's Headquarters in Lecco, Italy, only an hour's drive from the show, visitors will have the opportunity to "touch and feel" the latest machines from the OMET range and attend live demonstrations which highlight their potential. The machines on display in Lecco will be: one Varyflex V2 one XFlex X6 (equipped with the newly launched offset groups with sleeves) one XFlex X4 (combining tradition - the printing cylinder - to the most advanced electronics) The machines for tissue converting were recently re-named: the TV503 line - single-lane modular machine for napkin production the TV840 line - double-lane converting machine for high production of printed napkins   Lecco Open House The Open House is scheduled from Tuesday 7 May to Friday 10 May from 10 am to 5 pm. A free shuttle service will be available to take customers from Milan to Lecco and back.