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Anvil Roller

Super-finish grinding for highest precision
The counterpart of the Cutting Cylinder requires long-lasting hardness and the highest precision grinding. Close-fitted tolerances and a high level of true running accuracy can only be achieved with this method. The Presstec Zero Anvil Rollers, Minus Anvil Rollers or Plus Anvil Rollers offer the desired results for various carrier materials. We manufacture anvil rollers for all common types and shapes of machines and can assist with custom requirements.

Made from high-tensile tool steel for any type of machine, Presstec Anvil Rollers are available in standard quality.

We supply Anvil Rollers with a hardness of 60 to 62 HRC.

Presstec Anvil rollers are suitable for all common machines. Custom-made products can also be manufactured. Contact Presstec with your unique specifications.

The Cylinders are manufactured in-house on CNC machines. We maintain a tolerance of up to <6 mμ in the final precision grin ding process. All Presstec products are tested using our certified ISO 9001 quality management system, demonstrating our commitment to reliability and precision.